Adaptability has never been some tea for Chiranjeevi. He became enormous in industry as Mega Star just with his peculiarities, moves, battles and so on in this manner developing as legend of masses. Each time when Chiru took a stab at something else from routine to win the uncommon commendation from other area of class gathering of people, result was completely disheartening.
In the wake of accomplishing the apex in fame, Chiranjeevi never went for broke of demoralizing the Fans. Indeed, even the forthcoming 150th film took after the suite. In spite of a reality that he was offered numerous new storylines, Mega camp picked “Kathi” revamp on account of business flexibility characteristically introduce in the script incorporating over lifting valor with a social cause.
The exhaustive goal behind ‘Khaidi No 150’ is to bring Boss again into the top association activity. All things considered, one ought not be astonished watching the film from tenth midnight (head appears) on extra large screen for its deliberate treatment playing safe to the exhibitions and a known essential issue since records will topple without a doubt. Super Star is set for re-endorsement of his effective Mass Mantra. May it be “Raththalu” or ‘Ammadu Lets Do Kummudu… ” simply appreciate the vintage Chiranjeevi back to his best of amusement. Try not to endorse ‘Khaidi No 150’ stamina in view of a fizzled ‘Bruce Lee.’