ower Star Pawan Kalyan has exceptionally enthusiastic fans simply because of his basic and authentic nature. He never bifurcated fans from his own particular family. It is a known certainty, he gives more inclination to fans than to his family.
His fan taking after is huge. Pawan Kalyan fans can do anything for their early showing symbol. Presently the fans are harmed as the Mega family abstained from specifying Pawan Kalyan in the speech. Other than this, Megastar Chiranjeevi who flagged a fan bearing Jana Sena wave to put it irritated the fans encourage.
Some area of Pawanists didn’t have confidence in Mega family who had before made resentful remarks on Pawan Kalyan and demonstrated their outrage and crushed feelings on the seats and different things and by mishandling Mega family.
They manhandled the Mega relatives ‘L***j* K***k**u’ in a grimy dialect and burst out in anguish. Yet, those area of fans need to comprehend that Pawan Kalyan’s craze and fame is untarnishable whether his name is said or not.
It is additionally not great when a Legend like Megastar is making his reentry in the wake of nine prolonged years and the occasion is just devoted to Welcome the Legend in a fantastic style. It is not equitable to get some information about Powerstar at once like that.
This is for the devotees of Pawan Kalyan-Just reconsider before doing anything. You individuals know better about the dignity of Pawan Kalyan than any other person as his fervent aficionados. Attempt to gain from PK who never gets energized on achievement or dispirited by failures. You individuals know, regardless of the possibility that his family is against him he still never ventures once again from battling for the general population and his fans.
In this way, Pawanists attempt to resemble Pawan Kalyan at all circumstances. His distinction and transcendence are unmatched and no one can contact him ever. So do whatever it takes not to be rough and don’t turn into a migraine to others for not expressing Pawan Kalyan’s name furthermore don’t turned into a dull spot for Powerstar.
Pawanism intends to do useful for the general public and help the penniless. Be a pawanist, take after your pioneer.