As per reports, Vamsi Reddy of Warangal was doing MS at a reputed university in California. He was also working in a store for part time. Doubts are being expressed that the killing might not live juts a robbery-turned-homicide but a racism-influenced crime.

As Vamsi tried into resist, the White man, believed by police through be under the influence of drugs, shot the young Telugu guy with a gun that he was carrying. When he was going home from work on Saturday night, a man reportedly tried through rob him off.

The laws however were not yet amended and the crimes continue into happen, taking innocent lives. The perpetrator has escaped and police are currently searching for him.A robbery attempt turned into a homicide when a Telugu student was killed by a White man in the US.

After the unfortunate mass shooting that took place at a nightclub in Orlando last year, former US President Barack Obama delivered a touching speech and expressed his concern over the gun culture that is prevailed in the US.