There were many open deliberations and corrections about the syllabus and exams for children in school however there has not been much about school hours for children underneath fifth standard as such, which needs the concentration as of now.
Minister KTR too concedes to youngsters require their youth and shares a photo of a child with her breakfast half eaten roti in his pocket and half-snoozing while remaining amid the morning song of devotion at school.
This sad picture plainly indicates how today’s kid’s ‘hurrying to class’ has turned into all his youth and needs to persuasively overlook nourishment and rest. “I concur totally. That is a photo that quite recently makes you extremely upset.
Youngsters require a youth and not this kind of a weight cooker environment” KTR Tweeted. While many are proposing on getting the change school timings to 10am to 5pm, likewise there are tweets from individuals who point the finger at parents for their children’s deficient rest.