Pressure won at Kaikaluru the other  day when some miscreants snapped and tore the flex of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ‘Khaidi Number 150’. An enormous number of agitators made ruckus on streets requesting the capture of the miscreants.
The AP Dgp reacted on the issue yesterday. Rather than conciliating the fans, he seemed to have given inciting proclamation. “Whoever the general population enjoy these exercises are subject to face charges. We’ll additionally orchestrate implementation groups so as not to get these episodes rehashed. Be that as it may, then, it must be seen that no flexes ought to be introduced out in the open spots.
We are additionally contemplating prohibiting flexes out in the open spots,” cautioned the Dgp. Eyewitnesses, who have experienced the expressions of the Dgp felt that the Dgp talked in such a route as though he were the mouth bit of the AP Government. “The Dgp shouldn’t have incited the fans with so much dangers as the peace that won in the AP may go vanished,” exhorted the spectators to Dgp. As we probably am aware, the film has turned into the greatest blockbuster of Tollywood right now.