Divine wonder slid on Bhadrachalam on Monday as the hallowed ‘Vaikunta (Uttara) Dwaram’ of the Sri Sitaramachandra Swamy holy place was tossed open for the ‘Uttara Dwara Darsanam’ before the break of sunrise, set apart by elating otherworldly happiness.
Scores of aficionados congregated before the temple from the small hours of the day for the Darsanam as a feature of the continuous Vaikunta Ekadasi celebrations in the place of worship.
A gathering of music examples from Tirupati recounted the ‘Bhaja Govindam’ Tirunama Sankeertanam from 3 a.m. to 4.30 a.m. Vedic pandits rendered a pravachanam highlighting the noteworthiness of the Uttara Dwara Darsanam, the once-in-a-year religious occasion where the north passage of the sanctuary is opened.
The temple priests performed different special pujas to the utsav symbols of Lord Rama, his associate Sita, and sibling Lakshmana before tossing open the Uttara Dwaram for darsan of the directing god, in the midst of presentation of Vedic songs, at 5 a.m.
Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s better half K. Shobha, Minister for Roads and Buildings T. Nageswara Rao, and Kothagudem MLA J. Venkat Rao were among the individuals who had darsan of the directing divinity.