Gold chains worth Rs 17.91 crore were lost to affix snatchings from 2011 to 2015. For the most part, bike borne reprobates execute the wrongdoing, with ladies walkers being the casualties. On account of police activity taking after the demise of a casualty a year ago, snatchings have descended, yet that doesn’t mean the streets are completely safe.What’s more awful, casualties are damaged and unless they are consoled of safe streets something conceivable just if snatchings go down to single digits, if not zero- – they may simply quit leaving home.
A report by the city police demonstrates that 2,977 chain-snatchings were accounted for in the period under thought. Eighty-five more were accounted for in 2016 (till October), taking the aggregate from 2011 onwards to 3,062. The wrongdoing is typically dedicated by interstate posses, who after an offense escape the state, just to return once the circumstance chills off.
Subba Lakshmi,, a homemaker from Uppal, turned into a casualty on November 22.While she was returning home subsequent to dropping her granddaughter to class, two bicycle borne men grabbed her mangalsutra. She says all ladies in her state are presently terrified of individuals moving around on cruisers. “I am additionally frightened of taking my grandchild to the school,” she says, even now showing up noticeably shaken as a result of the occurrence.