Whole Tamil Nadu is joined strongly to celebrate Jallikattu -popular bull fight on Pongal resisting Supreme Court boycott. Every single top star like Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth, Surya, Vijay, Simbu came in support of Jallikattu.Couple of on-screen characters Vishal and Tirsha who upheld the boycott came in for rankling assault from all quarters.
Presently Kamal Haasan addressing copyists shared the stunning mystery of his bulls. He said, I for one claimed three bulls for a couple of years. I even taped jallikattu in my film Virumandi! My bulls were the central visitors in front of an audience when we released the music collection of the film. They lived and kicked the bucket without agony.
Like me, they too acted in movies, and they didn’t wind up on anyone’s plate! Indeed, even my canines meander indiscriminately in my home and are not chained.Speaking about bull battle he said “It is a game that is more seasoned than Christ and Buddha. It is not a bullfighter versus bull sort of uncalled for and brutal match. The first Tamil name for the game is Eru Thazhuvudal, signifying ’embracing the bull’. Utilizing any weapons against the bull is viewed as foul and weak.