Dressed in traditional wear, people from all age groups participate

The bonny blue sky transformed into a beautiful sight at Rushikonda on Friday introducing the Sankranti enthusiasm as a range of brilliant kites took off, dashed, plunged and plunged, rocking the blustery night by the Bay of Bengal. Decked up in conventional clothing types, individuals from all ages met up to be a part of the kite celebration sorted out by Vihar at Rushikonda.Characterised by bonhomie, the kite celebration saw a few kids attempt their hands without precedent for kite flying as the senior citizens helped them to cruise the bright kites on the skies.
For the occasion swarm that assembled at the shoreline, it was a sight to behold.The spirits were kept high with some heavenly snacks and mocktails handed out by Vihar and the lively melodic numbers that breathed life into the evening.For many, kites are youth memory and the celebration brought back affectionate recollections of the days when kite flying used to be as mainstream as cricket in the nation. “We used to go through our Sankranti occasions with our cousins flying kites from the break of first light till dusk. Indeed, even breakfast and lunch was done in the city.
Today we got the chance to return to some of our adolescence days at the kite celebration,” said Anasuya, one of the members at the kite celebration who accompanied her family. The assortment of kites in various shapes and hues was psyche boggling. The youngsters had their reasonable top picks with toon characters like Chota Bheem. Hotshots like Rajnikanth and political figures are likewise including in the kites this year. The Beach Road was additionally abounding with slows down offering kites of various assortments, generally Chinese ones. “We have set up five slows down on the Beach Road this year and the interest for the Chinese kites has been great.
These are anything but difficult to fly and most adolescents favor this,” said Shaik Fareed of FF Kites.