While the abduction and attack of performing artist Bhavana is getting a gigantic reaction from online networking clients and superstars, Malayalam on-screen characters like Prithvi Raj presented a message on stand up in support of her amid these extreme circumstances.
On other hand, the police examination is unmasking stunning actualities about this episode and individuals who required in it. Performer Bhavana was coming back from Thrissur to Kochi when the occurrence occurred. It began off then her driver Martin hit a rhythm voyager and men from than vehicle joined Martin and drove the car around the city for all the more then 2 hours. In those couple of hours, she was gravely attacked and was hassled sexually.
In such manner, the police officer have as of now captured seven suspects including the casualty’s past driver Sunil Kumar, who allegedly for her before. Having arrested both drivers, Police authorities formally list Sunil as first suspect and he additionally is said to have a few criminal arguments enlisted against him before. Sunil, Martin and others who’re a piece of this occurrence have interceded her developments through instant messages and more than 40 calls, as indicated by the police report.
Arresting every one of the seven suspects and enrolling the attack body of evidence under IT act against them, Kerala police are further examining into the case wherein different subtle elements would be normal soon.