Naga Babu uncovered what Pawan Kalyan resembles as a man and why he would back him as a politician in a recent interview.

When inquired as to whether he wishes to see Pawan Kalyan as CM, Naga Babu answered: ‘As somebody who knew him since youth, I could state Kalyan Babu is awesome individual who doesn’t trade off at all and have the bravery to battle for what he accepted.

Characteristics of Kalyan:
1) Good Human Being,
2) Society Comes First, even Family is auxiliary,
3) Helping Nature: He doesn’t advance it. Notwithstanding when he helped me, He never talked about it and nobody knew it until I unveiled it,
4) Highly Knowledgable,
5) Broadmindedness.

He generally needed to accomplish something to the general public and that is the way Jana Sena was set up. Pawan Kalyan didn’t glide Jana Sena Party to be CM yet to earnestly serve the general population. Regardless of whether he gets to be CM or remains in the Opposition, He would keep on being with the normal man. Presently, I talk as a typical man. Whom ought to individuals vote in the following race? I think there is just a single individual who is a decent person, legit, helping nature, magnanimous and political’s Pawan Kalyan.

My first decision is Pawan Kalyan as a voter in 2019 Polls regardless of whether Jana Sena have a pre-survey cooperation with TDP/BJP. He is the best person in legislative issues. I like Kalyan’s character and belief system, whatever he does is for the welfare of the general population. I will move my vote to AP just to bolster Jana Sena. I’m willing to work for Jana Sena with no narrow minded deeds’.

mega Brother opined both TDP and BJP had bargained on Special Category Status. He blamed the decision parties for enjoying vote bank legislative issues and backpedaling on guarantee subsequent to coming to control.