Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s stun demonetisation move antagonistically influenced the matter of theater proprietors however then came Aamir Khan’s “Dangal” that spared them from being out of business.The year 2016, saw a break by the Hindi film industry yet Aamir’s Christmas bonanza turned out to be the tide changer in the financial matters of the industry.
The performer was touched perusing the enthusiastic letters composed to by single screen theater proprietors to say thanks to him.He says, “It has been an exceptionally energizing and satisfying adventure. When I glance back at my vocation, every one of my choices – on the substance of it – have for the most part been unreasonable and hazardous, with the most recent case being “Dangal” (2016).
Also, I have possessed the capacity to do the sort of work that I put stock in. Not every one of us are sufficiently fortunate to be in the position where you can do what you need. I feel exceptionally appreciative to be in that position. I am ready to take the necessary steps that I cherish. The letters tended to by single screen theater proprietors communicated how the years 2015 and 2016 saw a noteworthy low by the film business, making it troublesome for them to survive.The Nitesh Tewari directorial, which discharged on December 23, has earned an astounding Rs 523.47 crore at the India film industry.