Commended performing artist Om Puri passed away few days prior and his fans and admirers are as yet reeling from the stun. The 66 year old on-screen character’s passing was sudden most definitely and the reason for his death was before credited to a heart assault. However, according to a report in Mumbai Mirror, the posthumous uncovers that his passing was not regular. According to the distribution, when police touched base at Om Puri’s loft on Friday, he was discovered lying on the floor with a sharp damage on his head.

Here’s what a senior officer had to say about this development –
“We suspect that Puri died of heart-attack, however, it will be confirmed after viscera report. After suffering the cardiac arrest, he might have fallen causing the injury on his forehead. He was alone at home and there was no sign of forced entry. At this stage, we have ruled out possibility of any foul play”.
The article likewise revealed that upon the arrival of this demise, Om was urgent to meet his child Ishan, yet his ex Nandita and his child were not at home. According to the announcement of maker Khalid Kidwai, who cases to have been with Om amid those hours, the performer had a battle with his ex via telephone.
“He poured a drink in his glass and waited for almost 45 minutes at Nandita’s flat. But when they did not turn up, he took the glass and liquor bottle and started drinking in the car. After finishing the drink, we left”.
Om additionally needed to migrate to the United States so that Ishan (who is an exceptional needs youngster) shows signs of improvement treatment. This is so shocking.