Akshay Kumar has joined the rundown of superstars to emphatically denounce the Bangalore attack case and has exhorted young ladies to learn self-protection.
The performing artist took to Twitter to post a video of himself communicating tension towards the attack case which he asserts has influenced him to a degree that he is humiliated to call himself a person. He goes ahead to pummel the molesters in the video furthermore addresses the daringness of individuals who have put the fault on the young ladies’ “provocative” clothing types for the catastrophe that transpired, most likely suggesting Samajwadi Party pioneer Abu Azmi.
He has additionally communicated dissatisfaction in what society is heading towards given the way that both the molesters and the general population who accuse the young ladies for assault are especially a piece of society. Be that as it may, he cautions the culprits of serious backfire on the off chance that they don’t patch their routes in time.
Kumar additionally passes on a message to young ladies requesting that they be solid instead of seeing themselves as second grade nationals. He requests that they quiet every depreciator who bashes the way they dress. In any case, he additionally alerts them to be ready constantly and learn hand to hand fighting keeping in mind the end goal to guard themselves against such lawbreakers.