Tollywood Anchor Suma has been kept and sentenced to imprison. Kindly, Don’t bounce into any conclusions. Everything is a piece of the pre-release occation of ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion’.
Suma arrived in Mahishmati Kingdom to meet the Team. That is when security work force arrested her and place her in a similar cell were Devasena was held up. From that point, Rajamouli enters the scene and cases to be remorseful for what has happened.
However, Suma who is sufficiently astute understands that everything was a piece of Rajamouli’s arrangement. Still, Jakkanna requests that the Anchor begin the meeting session from that point itself as the Security Personnel weren’t anyplace around.
Suma, The scope of Baahubali 2? .
Rajamouli, If First Part resembles Starters, Second Part is Full Meals. We just presented characters in the initial segment yet haven’t dove deep into the story. The conclusions given to solid characters and the feelings they experience will be in Part 2.
From that point, Suma argues Rajamouli to release her from the jail cell. At that point, Rajamouli approaches if her call sheet for Baahubali 2 audio launch in mid-March was affirmed or not.
Aside from expressing that she can hardly wait till her Son releases her,  Suma assures she would surely does anchoring and won’t even charge a single penny for it.