There was a period in Bollywood when Ayesha Takia was known for her new face and charming looks. The on-screen character who disappeared from Bollywood after completed some movies, for example, Salman Khan’s Wanted and widely praised Dor was seen at a current Mumbai occasion.
What’s more, it took us a moment to understand that it was the same Ayesha. The performer who say goodbye to the industry in the wake of getting married to Farhan Azmi, government official Abu Azmi’s child, appears to have taken to plastic surgery in a major way.
As she showed up on red carpet of a Mumbai occasion, her lips looked unnaturally swollen, she has high cheekbones and a frozen face. With everything taken into account, she looked a long ways from the young lady adjacent of movies like Sunday and Salaam E Ishq.
Not that we are calling her new looks a screw up, in any case we stay uncertain on the off chance that she has built up this new element to make a come back in the industry.Right now after she experienced through her sudden physical changes, the central issue is not about ordering her choices as a goof or magnificence however more about how unrecognizable she has gotten to be post it.
She resembles a totally unique individual . At the occasion, Ayesha advised columnists that she is wanting to come back to Bollywood. The performing artist said she has perused a couple scripts and will be found in a film in the not so distant future. She additionally shot for a music video for Amit Mishra. She said her family remains a need and she will do movies just in the event that they fit her timetable.