Deepika Padukone has made a universal presence with her presentation in the action film xXx: Return of Xander Cage. What’s more, she is not ceasing, much to our pleasure. The performing artist is good to go to go to the achievement gathering of her Hollywood film with Vin Diesel in LA, this week. An Instagram post by her beautician Elizabeth Saltzman affirms that.
In any case, on further stalking Elizabeth’s Instagram, we understood it is not quite recently the achievement party that we ought to anticipate however Oscars 2017 is likewise on the table. That is correct! From what it would seem that Deepika may very well walk celebrity main street at the up and coming Academy Awards 2017 function.
Elizabeth’s Instagram story has a photo of an air terminal where her partner Grace Richmond was arriving, and the inscription peruses “Oscar heer we come”. Unpretentious! Is it safe to say that it isn’t? Indeed, every one of these conditions are excessively strong, making it impossible to be a simple incident.
Wouldn’t you say? I mean achievement gathering of Deepika is appropriate with Oscars around the bend, and Deepika’s beautician’s post additionally matches with the on-screen character’s landing in LA. That all insights at one thing just – Deepika will be there at the Oscars.
We trust an official affirmation about Deepika’s presence at the Oscars comes soon. We can hardly wait to see the on-screen character put forth a great mold expression on celebrity central.
Truly! We are as of now going crazy about what is she going to wear!.While we are discussing Deepika at the Academy Awards, we are still confused if Priyanka Chopra will effortlessness the occasion with her presence.
She was one of the moderators at the past service held in 2016. It is dazzling to see her again at the Oscars. She additionally has Baywatch coming up in a couple of months, which is more than motivation to check her nearness at each enormous occasion.
Imagine if Priyanka chanced upon Deepika at celebrity central and the two postured for a photo together! We have been sitting tight for one such picture since their practically get together at Golden Globes 2017 afterparty.