Jalikattu is an old bull subduing sport saw in Tamil Nadu during the Pongal celebration. In any case, no more. Since 2014, the game has watched a boycott in the state refering to cold-bloodedness to creatures as the essential reason.
The Supreme court had maintained the boycott even a year ago. Indeed, the pinnacle court scrutinized the Central government’s 2016 choice to permit the utilization of bulls in the game, a month ago.
Presently with the Pongal celebration nearing (4 days away), Tamil stars have come up and represented Jalikattu, a game that speaks to the Tamil Nadu culture. Simbu had taken to online networking a year ago to express his support for the game – ‘Jalikattu is the social image of our state and it our pride as well. We have been rehearsing this craft of valor for quite a long time and it is completely despicable when a few gatherings and people figure out how to mislead and deceive the powers of administration and legal on this craftsmanship that is viewed as the social image of our state’.
At the 2017 India Today South Conclave session yesterday, Kamal Haasan excessively communicated his affection for the social game. He specified that if Jalikattu somehow happened to be prohibited, they ought to boycott biryani as well. He additionally illuminated that it is not the slightest bit like the renowned bull-battling sport in Spain. Truth be told, he specified that Bulls were dealt with like divine beings here.
Indeed, even Suriya has supported the game and expressed how the particular breed reproduced for this game is seeing a decay ” There used to be 200 bull breeds however now, we just have 30. Many bull breeds are wiped out.”
According to an article on BBC News Feed, six local breeds were utilized as a part of this game. Be that as it may, now the boycott is gradually murdering each of them.
Siva Karthikeyan has raised his voice for Jalikattu as well. The most recent performing artist to support this game is Dhanush who has taken to web-based social networking to rally for Jalikattu .
Jallikattu is a fundamental component of the voice and character of Tamilians. @ISupportJallikattu @WeNeedJallikattu @TamilCulture