Allu Arjun got extremely emotional after collaborating with the wife of slain Producer Sekhar Babu Today. He wasn’t even ready to talk properly because of the kind of feelings he has been going through.Speaking to media people, Bunny stated: ‘Sekhar Babu garu has passed away. He is a Producer.

When we were children, He maker ‘Mutha Metri’. He additionally created a few different movies. More than a Producer, He is a nearby family friend of our own. When we were in Chennai, His Family Members were our Neighbors. His Wife and Children we all grew up together.
Soon after hearing the message of his demise, I felt very sad. Sekhar Babu is no more…his wife, aunty it’s truly paining to watch her like that! I don’t know what I am speaking, I knew I’m not talking effectively but rather I have no words to express my emotions.
When I hold her hand, Aunty asked Me, ‘Why should I live any longer?’. It’s so painfull I urged her not to speak in such a manner. Sekhar Babu’s Son Kishore and Lavanya were our family friends I have met them following quite a long while. I wish the whole family sympathies’.
Despite the fact that Allu Arjun may have conferred few mistakes while speaking, One could at present comprehend the feeling behind the outburst. people would regard him much more from now to feel/sharing the  grief of bereaved family. Stylish Star…You have touched Many Hearts!