The lover boy image hero Siddharth all of a sudden hit film industry headlines. On the off chance that you watch for the most part on-screen characters stay silent and make cautious strides particularly in Tollywood while responding to political strides. Yet, in Kollywood scene is distinctive.
There actors and actresses speak like a common man. They express their opinion like any other common man. This trend has started much since Jallikattu fight against focus and Supreme Court. Now Tamilnadu attracted whole India with internal politics for top position .Meanwhile Sasikala was arrested as she was convicted in inappropriate assets case. She was sent to Jail in Benguluru.
Sasikala before leaving to prison, she chose Palaniswamy as Chief Minister contender to frame AIDMK government. Not long after in the wake of getting to be distinctly Chief Minister, Palaniswamy went to Benguluru to visit his boss Sasikala in Jail.
That’s it, this is irritating many in Tamilnadu. Being Chief Minister meeting sentenced individual in Jail is not acceptable to many especially who are against Sasikala and her political demonstrations.
Among those, performing artist Sidharth tweeted all of a sudden that shakes social media both in Tamilnadu and Telugu twin states.. The tweet is calm sarcastic and straight forward. Indeed, even he is welcoming people with more anger.
“Give Sasikala a laptop in jail. Save transport cost (our money) for EKP and his gang for 4 years. Time to put more salt in our food TN.”
Demonstrates clearly that Chief Minsiter Palaniswamy may need to visit his boss Sasikala on regular basis to take instructions that would cost more as it is public cash Siddharth does not have any desire to waste public cash rather proposing financially savvy arrangements with anger and satirically.