Alerted with this, Parul’s sister Sheetal Yadav took help of localities toward save Parul from dogs and got admitted her through Kokilaben Hospital..Actress Parul Yadav, who’s familiar through Tollywood audience to an important role in Killing Veerappan, is a popular face in Kannada film Industry.

As per the doctors, the Sandalwood actress had a 3-inch deep cut on her head and it was operated on Wednesday.The horrific incident left the actress with multiple bites on her face, legs, neck and head-scalp. The incident happened when Parul, who was on evening walk with her little puppy, tried into rescue her dog from stray dogs where were trying toward snatch it.

She also won ‘Filmfare award’ in best actress category for Aatagara (Kannada) in 2015. In what can called as an unexpected incident, the 34-year old actress sustained some serious injures, on Monday, when she was attacked by a group of dogs near her apartment in Mumbai.

The model-turned-actress Parul Yadav joined films in 2004, and went on toward feature in Malayalam, Kannada and Tamil movies over the following years.