Rakesh Roshan was very miffed with it. In my entire career I have never shown my film but I had toward show one hour of the film through change their mindset. He had EXCLUSIVELY told us then, “It’s very unfortunate I got up in the morning I saw in the papers.

It’s 45-55 now. For Kaabil also the same thing happened. “I smelt something is wrong somewhere. He felt shocked and hurt. Content is King and Kaabil has proved it again. But still in the morning when I saw this I was hurt that after giving assurances that it will go 50-50 they have still done what they had into be.

It is not correct. Being a perceptive man that he is, Roshan figured something might go wrong on the day of release. So I showed them two reels because they always feel I make wrong films.” He had told us then that he will not go for any preventive measures because he believes in Kaabil and his confidence has paid off.

Because this time we had a strong opponent. In its run at the box office, it is already inching towards Rs. I am very shocked”. But then when I succeed, they all congratulate me. I don’t know for sure. Today, the film is earning so well that exhibitors are forced into give the film more screens.

100 crore in the domestic market and now after watching its amazing performance, exhibitors have decided into increase the screen count of the film in the second weekend. Despite taking on a heavyweight like Shah Rukh Khan‘s Raees at the box office, Hrithik Roshan‘s film never got bogged down by its might. You all must do aware that the day the films, Raees and Kaabil, were into release, it was reported that Shah Rukh’s film managed more screens than Kaabil. They have decided into add 200+ cinema theaters.