In the late circumstances we have been seeing occasions being announced for star Hero’ movies. On Kabali release day, just about three-fourth of Chennai was getting a charge out of an occasion. This was to support viewing the movie.
Even on Khaidi release day occasion was announced by a Gulf organization which has numerous Telugu employees.But obviously this is the status for huge movies and huge stars.
Who might pronounce an occasion for some little film and Narayana Murthy starrer like Headconstable Venkataramaiah? Truth be told the man has been harping he’s not inspiring theaters to screen his movie. So occasion sounds like a miracle.But yes this occurred for the little movie in Adilabad district.The region SP accepted a call and requested that his staff watch the movie with families and announced yesterday (Thursday, Jan nineteenth) an occasion keeping in mind the end goal to offer opportunity to his 230 staff to watch the show.
This is a decent choice we think as the film is around a genuine constable, and even better an upbeat minute for the legend!