With regards to food and health, moms actually have an appropriate administration that they follow in order to get their kids to eat food. Bollywood mommies are the same for this situation. They too pursue their children with a bowl of oats in their hand, seeking after their young ones to eat down the solid sustenance without much bother.
In a recent interview, Kajol reveals the struggles she needs to guarantee the health of her children and also herself! She is the sort of mother who’s profoundly and definitely mindful of what her kids eat and sets down the law with regards to eating.
At a current occasion for kids in Delhi, she underscored the need to build up specific limitations with regards to eating. As a mother of two — little girl Nysa (13) and child Yug (6), she trusts a specific level of teach is required.
She stated, ““My husband Ajay and I don’t have any hard-and-fast rules for our children. As the week progressed, we eat customary nourishment and after that, Through the week, we eat regular food and then, over the weekend, we order whatever we want and have our cheat days.She went ahead to share her kids’ different eating habits despite having a similar upbringing .
She said, “For Yug, the food needs to smell good and taste great while for Nysa, it’s about the introduction; the food needs to look great. With Yug, it must be costly and it must be without vegetables. I figure out how to encourage him veggies by hiding them, laughed Kajol.
Admitting that children get their habbits from their parents, she said that she and Ajay have dependably been good examples, in that regard. She doesn’t consume any aerated drinks. She accentuates that with regards to eating, parents need to educate their kids what is great and what is bad.
In certainty, she shared, her children are entirely legitimate with her. When they don’t complete their tiffin boxes — which have home cooked food — they tell her. Making kids eat the correct way is a steady fight and Kajol said that “I don’t think there is any mother who doesn’t keep running behind their children about food and stuff that way.
In any case, yes, not to that extent now.As far as the struggle to eating healthy goes, she laughed and concluded, The struggle is lifelong. I’m still struggling to not eat a pizza today.