Pawan Kalyan Today declared Jana Sena Party Website will be launched on March 14th, 2017.. He looked for suggestions from people on the Manifesto of the recently drifted party for 2019 Elections.
Jana Sena President made it clear that he isn’t against administration politics. He, be that as it may, kept up he won’t endure if unfit or unworthy people utilize the legacy to loot people.
Pavan Kalyan asked governing gathering Politicians to clarify for what good reason they couldn’t satisfy the guarantees given to the general population. He requested Center to disclose reasons for not agreeing Special Category Status to AP.
An intriguing improvement occurred Today at the meeting went to by Jana Sena Chief. Pawan Kalyan giggled wild hearing the modifiers utilized by a man on the state while inviting him on the phase at Chenetha Aikya Garjana.