Akkineni Nagarjuna collaborated with the media today and uncovered few fascinating things. Talking about 100th movie, he said that he will choose his 100th movie and not his fans.

He additionally included that after Om Namo Venkatesaya, he will do ‘Raju Gaari Gadhi 2’ film.

Afterward, he will work under the heading of Kalyan Krishna of ‘soggade Chinni Nayana’ notoriety for “Bangarajju” movie.

In the meantime, he cleared up that “Bangarajju” won’t be his 100th movie and he doesn’t know how his fans are checking the 100th one i.e whether they including his visitor parts also.

Notwithstanding, he might want to report 100th film formally later.

On the other hand, he uncovered that he is upbeat to see both of his young men getting connected with and trusting that they will have an effective life in future.