Regardless of giving him a notice, Sanjay Dutt celebrated till the small hours of midnight thus keeping his neighbors wakeful with high decibel levels. What’s more, now, the Bollywood on-screen character’s neighbors have held up an objection against him with respect to the same, reports Mirror.
The first incident occurred on January 14, the second on Thursday. Around 11.30 pm, they began playing music on their porch. It was loud to the point that we couldn’t rest. When we called the control room, a woman brought down the dissension yet then nothing happened.
I called again at 1.30 am and was told by a similar woman that she had sent the points of interest to Khar police headquarters. I sat tight for 15 minutes and after that rang the police headquarters straightforwardly.
They promised to help us and that’s when the music was stopped,“ informs Dr Amitav Shukla, chairman of the Pali Hill Residents’ Association. We had sent him a warning letter the last time but he has not changed.  We won’t endure this sort of conduct in Pali Hill.
The issue will be raised at the following AGM meeting and we have likewise requested that the zonal DCP make strict move against Sanjay Dutt,” Dr Shukla expressed further. As indicated by the report, the cops have dropped by at his place twice in the most recent twenty days requesting that he hold the volume down.
Obviously, the gathering was being held at Dutt’s porch and went ahead till 2 am. “When we got a call, our group raced to the spot and ensured that the music was turned down.We are taking a gander at what should be done further,” said Senior Inspector Ramchandra Jadhav of Khar police station.
This isn’t the first run through when Sanjay’s local gathering has made an issue for his neighbors. It was path in 2009 when a neighbor of Dutt had raised an issue with respect to the high volume levels amid a chowki orchestrated by the performing artist at midnight.