After some break, Loksatta Jayaprakash Narayan is back before media. Since the issue is about present politics, JP was gotten some information about performing artist Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan sharing same belief system of Lok Satta as Pawan generally expressing that power isn’t extreme objective of governmental issues – it’s famous JP’s expression after he skimmed his political outfit Lok Satta.
When addressed about Pawan Kalyan who thusly is talking same dialect of JP that he had been talking every one of these years, JP reacted, “Not simply Pawan Kalyan, any individual who needs to see state, country advancing and truly watch over individuals consider politics to be duty to change peoples lives not at all like present-day governmental issues that are being utilized to appreciate power.
Welcoming Pawan Kalyan, JP stated, “Even on-screen characters like Kamal Haasan, Siddharth and numerous others are reverberating same. People require not need to be known to each other to share same belief system yet every one of the one need is to see development.Whether JP would join Jana Sena? “No,” pat comes answer from JP.
Will JP be political counsel to Pawan Kalyan and prompt him on the issues? “I wouldn’t fret. Any individual who looks for my prompt for accomplishing something great, I’m generally there.
Be it Pawan or Chandrababu Naidu or KCR or PM Narendra Modi, I’m glad to offer instruct in the advantage with respect to nation, people.With JP transparently expressing that he will be political guide to Pawan on the off chance that he needs, now the ball is in Pawan’s court.
Since Jana Sena is in its starting stage and Pawan is going through several initial hurdles in establishing the party and putting all his thoughts into shape on various issues, an intellectual and honest person like JP is definitely needed and would be of great help.The moot question is that will Pawan invite JP to be his political adviser .