Yesteryear actress in many Telugu movies Jaya Prada had taken choice not to rejoin in Samajwadi Party once more. She declared that she will join any other party, if welcomed, to proceed with the political career.Jayaprada was star campaigner to Samajwadi Party headed by Mulayamsingh Yadav and furthermore got MP post.

She hosts been keeping up separation to the get-together as contrasts edited between the party high command and her in the current years. Her choice not to rejoin the SP came as a big blow to the Samajwadi party as it is scouting to include film marvelousness in the election campaign in Uttar Pradesh.
While theories are doing rounds that she has been welcome to join BJP yet she received hold up and watch approach in perspective of the progressing Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Jayaprada additionally got welcome from congress during the election.