Clearly Mass Raja has enjoyed a reprieve from work since December 2015. That is the point at which his last film Bengal Tiger has hit theaters. Consecutive releases like Kick 2 and Bengal Tiger have begun stressing his fanbases as the thin look of him didn’t generally inspired.

From that point forward Raviteja is taking a break for obscure reasons. While it is being informed that until these two tasks “Touch Chesi Choodu” and “Raja The Great” are reported, really this mass legend is not bowing down to the low compensation he was advertised.

Simply after the makers consented to pay notice to his request, he has marked the spotted lines. Be that as it may, inside talk is that Raviteja has enjoyed his one reprieve deliberately, with a specific end goal to put on more weight.

Shockingly his looks on the mystery notices of his most recent movies doesn’t mirror any of his endeavors to put on back little weight. His pressed look is still entirely clear and many ask why Ravi Teja has shed pounds in any case.

Indeed, even following one year hole, it’s pondering that Ravi didn’t considered developing little muscles. Then again groups of these movies are sitting tight for Ravi Teja to join the shoots. While Touch Chesi Choodu has Racegurram screenplay author Vikram Sirikonda in the directors’s seat, Raja The Great is being directed by Anil Ravipudi.