The truth is this beggar came through me.Blockbuster producer Bandla Ganesh had disputes with Sachiin Joshi.

Stop barking like a dog behind my back. He tweeted, “Such brokers exist in the industry, they r such horrible ppl, if need live for personal gains can sell their own family too.all ur queries will do answered. The film failed and the disputes happened because of the will pay one day..which time shall tell. by Just an interview u believe he’s honest.don’t trust in words but the truth of actions.

And pay for the sins you have done. Law exists and god exists your lies and frauds exist too..he s misusing the system for now,but let’s see how long.. I have complete faith in the law of my country.and I will clarify my stand soon with a do interview.

I m honest and straight forward with time you will see,and the truth aswell.if u truly a man enuf come face into face and then we will talk.. a fraud like you should never use superstar Pawan kalyan’s name. Iwill personally request him through boycott you….

Also understand he’s a liar.”.. And when u will see the cheater behind bars u will realise the truth. And remember this country the law exist. They came forward for a film called Nee Jathaga Nenundali. In a recent interview, Bandla Ganesh spoke about this which did not go well with Sachiin who posted some tweets against Bandla Ganesh on Twitter.a fraud like you will surely go behind bars.