Having taken a significant forceful stand looking for the special category status to AP, the Janasena chief and Power Star Pawan Kalyan led three open meets in AP. What’s more, now, he is good to go to go to for another open meet at Mangalagiri of Guntur region tomorrow.

Nonetheless, this open meet is by all accounts not quite the same as past meets. Pawan Kalyan will bring his voice up in support of handweavers. Prior, this open meet was named ‘Chenetha Garjana’.
In any case, now it has been changed as ‘Chenetha Garjana’. Pawan Kalyan is relied upon to ensure one open meet each per a month arranged so he could stay in contact with the general population as a government official.
The Power Star, up to this point, revealed that he would turn as active  politician from 2018..