Janasena president Pawan Kalyan has ventured on USA soil as of now for a 4-day exceptional visit in the limit of a rising government official from Andhra Pradesh, India.

At the time he got located at Boston air terminal, a fascinating report is turning out about the way he picked his garments while leaving for the abroad tour.  As Pawan got the welcome to address for two days at Harvard Business School, instantly his group has prepared about six planner suits for the performer, say reports.

They have some best textures grabbed, best architects making most attractive suits for the on-screen character. Couple of individual form fashioners of Pawan additionally required in making these outfits.

However at last Pawan rejected them all, saying that he wouldn’t like to seem like a Westerner verbal blistering arrangement of NRI Indians in the USA, yet he needs to seem like an Indian conversing with his kindred world mates.

Therefore Pawan requested for two new combines of Khaadi lalchi and pajama. Leaving each one of those architect made garments here in the storage room, he traveled to USA with his Khaadi wear. Already he showed up in comparable outfits when gotten at airplane terminals other day amid his change of flights and arriving in the America.

Pawan will interface with fat cats from Telugu Associations and will meet different dignitaries from Indian people group first at Nashua town in New Hampshire, USA