Pawan Kalyan himself may have expelled of him having any aspirations to come to control and may have transparently expressed that coming to power isn’t his political objective, yet that didn’t prevent his senior brother Nagababu to anticipate of Pawan coming to control in 2019.
As a voter I trust Pawan Kalyan Will come to control in 2019. Fair individuals like Pawan Kalyan need to come to control. He has never taken cash from anybody and in truth he had lost his cash for others. Yes to run political gathering, one needs cash. That is the reason Pawan Kalyan is acting in movies for cash,” Nagababu said in a TV interview.Meanwhile, overwhelming numerous, Nagababu lashed out at CM Chandrababu Naidu and his administration in AP.
Past saying that they’re building capital in Amaravati, had they done anything or would they say they are doing anything? Provided that this is true, please let us know. Charges of defilement are overflowing. Advancement isn’t seen much. Power is being abused,” Nagababu communicated his apprehension against TDP government saying that he has 100 percent disappointment on the incumbent government in AP.
Nagababu’s most recent and extreme comments on TDP government are viewed as genuine remarks. One needs to sit back and watch how TDP leaders would take it and react to them. On other hand, Pawan Kalyan keeps on keeping up his hush over AP government. Despite the fact that Pawan had transparently hit out at BJP a couple times, Pawan didn’t censure TDP much and he just advised the state government to satisfy the guarantees.