After the release of Kaabil on February 1 and lifting the restriction on Hindi silver screen in Pakistan, much was said and foreseen for the arrival of Shah Rukh and Mahira’s Raees .However, it was as of late announced that the film won’t make it to the theaters attributable to its “shocking” content.

Reportedly, it wasn’t just around maybe a couple scenes that didn’t run well with the CBFC of Pakistan yet there were various scenes that were discovered offensive.A driving every day cited a source refering to what precisely the CBFC Chairman, Mubashir Hasan and the other board individuals discovered objectionable in the flick:

1.In any Islamic state like Pakistan, selling alcohol is illegal, and in the film, Shah Rukh Khan , is a bootlegger and sells alcohol which is unacceptable to the Pakistani audience.

2.Raees Aslam (Shah Rukh), who is a Muslim, is from the underworld; a negative character.

3.The CBFC members found the gold smuggling scenes tough to digest. They felt the film showed Pakistan in a poor light.

Talking on the issue, London-based Pakistani producer stated, One from the Army and knowledge unit watches the movie. The CBFC had certain reservations about Bajrangi Bhaijaan additionally, however they passed it since it demonstrated Pakistan in a positive light. I heard that these were the reasons Raees was not passed, but rather I don’t agree.I think they ought to release the film completely.

I observed Raees to be an immaculate performer and Shah Rukh Khan’s character to a greater extent a Robin Hood one and more positive than negative. I know in India both Hindus and Muslims have loved the film as it depends on a genuine story. Yet, in Pakistan, one never knows-the choice of today can be changed tomorrow, he included.