Try not to get a stunner by the heading, as that is not genuine. Yet, this is the thing that ‘Sukumar Writings’ is stating to everybody, in this way causing a buzz on YouTube.

How about we dive into the subtle elements. Inside the film “Kumari 21F”, a posse of companions of saint (played by Raj Tarun) really calm the movie courageous woman (Hebah Patel) and after that attack her (obviously assaulted her). At the point when scenes from this film are being transferred formally, one doesn’t anticipate that this attack scene will surface.

Indeed, even this scene surfaced, many expect headings like: Hero’s acknowledgment scene from Kumari 21F”. Yet, removing this scene, Sukumar’s own particular creation house “Sukumar Writings” has transferred it with the title “Raj Tarun Freinds Molest Hebah Patel subsequent to Sedating her”.

As you could read between the lines, it could be comprehend that the unimportant perspective behind such creation is just to “sensationalize” the substance. Some different headings for clasps incorporate “Raj Tarun Tries To Force Hebah”, “Raj Tarun Goes To His New Girl Friend”, “Kumari Goes Topless For Raj”. These are just a couple of titbits to tell what’s being done on the YouTube channel.With a capable and star director like Sukumar owning the YouTube channel also, one marvels why such a substance is being transferred to cause a buzz. This standard doesn’t need such, isn’t that right?