Saaho Basavatarakarama Putra BALAKRISHNA!!!
“I salute you sir for your depiction of Satakarni that will make Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao garu pleased. He will shower his endowments from above. Anjana Putra Krish, the endowments of 12 crore Telugus over the globe will be with you. How in the sky might you be able to make this epic in 79days? Staggering.. I have a great deal part to gain from you.. Sai Madhav garu, your pen is Satakarni’s sword. Fabulous camera work and uncommon creation values make Satakarni a pleased Telugu film to recollect for quite a while.”
With Kanche, Krish created many paths and gave Telugu cinema a new direction. He continues his astonishing work by narrating a hard hitting and entertaining story of an unsung king in a thumping manner. Films like these come very rarely and icing on the cake is the presence of Balakrishna who single-handedly dominates the proceedings with his towering performance. Superb dialogues, well-executed war scenes, and grand visuals make this historical extravaganza a must watch for every Telugu film lover.