More than Chiru’s performance, Khaidi No.150 collections were the most discussed. The Box Office collections of Khaidi have ruled the features and open deliberations. After formally reporting Rs 108 Crore net, group Khaidi No. 150 has gone into obscurity and quit sharing the figures.
Indeed, even the abundantly anticipated “Thank You” function of Khaidi that was wanted to sort out on excellent scale was crossed out just to abstain from saying any further figures, say sources.Now, here is the curve in the story. Khaidi maker Ram Charan has allegedly cited low Box Office figures when asked by the Income-Tax authorities. As per Deccan Chronicle, Ram Charan said to have cited 75 Crore share for Khaidi while the monetary allowance was pegged at Rs 60 Crore. This is not all.
Ram Charan has allegedly told I-T sleuths that Chiru was paid a compensation of Rs 20 Crore while director Vinayak was paid Rs 10 Crore.Now these figures are raising eye balls and setting tongues swaying. Really, the BO figures and measurements doing rounds in market and online networking is very surprising. Khaidi No. 150 has traversed Rs 100 Crore share and remained as industry hit next just to epic Baahubali.
Has Ram Charan reduce the original collections to evade IT officials or has he expanded the figures to flaunt and claim records? All things considered, either ways, Ram Charan seems to have controlled the numbers. All things considered, just Ram Charan knows reality.