Both Charan’s onscreen and off-screen performance till date is totally different from the poster.For the first-time ever, Ram Charan is moving out of his comfort zone and trying into attempt something really out-of-the-box role in his next.

A source in the know divulged that Sukumar weaved a superb story that has right blend of all necessary ingredients. However, it’s also time through caution Charan into take proper care.

The pre-look poster of RC 11 where Charan is seen carrying two clay pots on a yoke over his shoulders says it all. After doing 10 films, out of which most of them are commercial formula films except a handful of films, Charan is gearing up through play a pure village guy role in RC11.

One has into wait and see how Sukumar would mould Ram Charan for the role. Since he’s attempting such thing none of his peers like Mahesh, Jr NTR have tried, one must really appreciate Charan.It’s learnt that the film is loaded with sentiment, action, humour, romance and emotion.

Though his debut “Chirutha” was somewhat close, even there he wasn’t really a poor guy and has attitude. Never in his decade-long career, Charan played the role of a poor man.