The actress found it difficult to dissociate from the film once she completed the film’s shoot.

Here and there, a film’s shoot can be candidly depleting and can abandon a perpetual stamp on the performers. As of late, Raveena Tandon experienced a comparative scene in her life while shooting for her up and coming film, The Mother, which makes them play the title role.When the performing artist first heard the portrayal of the film, in view of viciousness against ladies, she found the script both intriguing and exasperating.
As she began shooting, she could interface with her character well, and it gradually got to be distinctly troublesome for her to separate from the film even after the shooting was finished. “I couldn’t rest for three evenings after we shot the horrendous incident.A driving every day cited Raveena saying, The most exceedingly terrible was the point at which I needed to name for everything over once more.
I couldn’t quit crying once the naming got over. It required me some investment to return to my more settled self. It was extremely aggravating, In the interim the performer discredits the reports that the film coordinated by Ashtar Sayed depends on the December 16 Delhi group assault case. She included, “The film is situated in Delhi, yet it has nothing to do with the episode. Nonetheless, it’s truly peculiar that the moment we wrapped up shooting in the Capital, a comparable episode happened, precisely like what we shot for the film.
So when we read about the episode in daily papers, we were stunned that something we shot in fiction has really occurred in genuine. That was uncanny,” says the National Award-winning performing artist.