Regina Cassandra will play the main woman in Nara Rohith’s up and coming film directed by Pawan Mallela. This will be their third film together after Shankara and Jyo Achyutananda.
It’s a pakka business activity performer stacked with loads of drama. Both Regina and Rohith will have a  lot of scope to perform and the team will be seen attempting their hand at comic drama. It will be a laugh riot all the way,” says Pawan who is making his debut.
Uncovering more about the film, he says, “This film is set in Rayalaseema and the story will spin around three focal characters — Regina, Rohith and Ramya Krishna, who’s playing Regina’s close relative in the film.
 Apparently, Nara Rohith is going for a total makeover for the film and will be seen wearing a tore outline. “Yes, Rohith’s look in the film will be a look in the film will be a revelation for the audience. He is going to lose weight and flaunt six pack abs,” includes Pawan.