Director Ram Gopal Varma is right now bustling tweeting on current issues in the nation incorporating the turbulent political issues in Tamilnadu and on the opposite side he’s wrapping after creation work of “Sarkar 3” quickly as the film is creeping its release date.

Unlike some other time, Varma is concentrating broadly on this film he has made with Amitabh Bachhan. An insider shared us a story, affirming that with no huge reason RGV won’t work such hard.

Obviously, Varma had come up short on money and that assets crunch prompted to crores of rupees obligations in Mumbai. Regardless of making some Telugu movies consecutively, from Rakta Charitra to Attack, Varma has neglected to clear his Mumbai obligations, says the source.

As the free thinker director is not in a position to cleare the remunation, we hear that all the biggies who have loaned cash to RGV have framed a syndicate and chose to make a movie with him. What’s that film? It is none other than “Sarkar 3”, they say.

Once Varma dispatches the film’s trailer and begins increasing the buildup, firstly the director’s obligation with intrigue will be cleared and after that they will pay him his compensation. Regardless of whether this is only talk or some truth is the thing that we couldn’t confirm, yet there was additionally gossip before that some of his moneylenders have in actuality constructed “Manufacturing plant”, his new office, in Mumbai.

In case if Sarkar 3 turns into a crushing hit, then the majority of his obligations will be cleared in a solitary shot, else he will at present have some more advances to reimburse, the source remarked.