Saif Ali Khan fears daughter Sara Ali Khan might become another Alia Bhatt if she signs a Karan Johar film , Would it be able to be that Sara Ali Khan’s introduction has been deferring for some time now in light of daddy Saif Ali Khan? Sara Ali Khan is the following enormous thing and fans just can hardly wait for her introduction! In any case, for quite a while now, there have been gossipy tidbits about movies she has been offered or the ones she may take.

No solid answer has either been given by Sara or her folks Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh. Albeit both have been extremely steady of her Bollywood arranges,  Saif isn’t excessively enthused about Sara appearing with Dharma Productions. The gushing daddy fears that she may turn into another Alia Bhatt in the business.
There have been various bits of gossip about Sara being propelled in the business by Karan Johar. Kareena Kapoor Khan is joyful about this news, be that as it may, Saif isn’t. A source told the amusement entryway, “Kareena and Saif have been having a few differences about Sara’s vocation.
In any case, Saif truly does not need Sara to take after Alia’s strides. Kareena and her young lady group dependably discuss how Alia’s vocation wouldn’t be how it is if Karan hadn’t propelled her. The business clearly conceives that KJo is excessively required in Alia’s profession as regardless he continues prescribing her to enormous executives and super tasks.
Saif does not wish for somebody to have that sort of impact on Sara’s profession. He supposes she ought to be more autonomous. While Kareena comprehends Saif’s line of thought, she feels one film with Karan would not damage to Sara. She likewise guaranteed Saif that she will ensure KJo does not get excessively included in Sara’s career.
It is quite clear that Alia is an aggregate Dharma young lady. From the beginning of her profession as of not long ago, she has been firmly associated with KJo’s creation house. Aside from her tremendous ability, the reality she is picking right movie for herself, that has made Alia very enormous in the current circumstances.
Karan certainly contributes to the achievement of the youthful on-screen character as he has continually been prescribing her name for huge undertakings. Possibly that is the reason Sara’s presentation arrangements are put to a stop? Since there have been such a large number of reports of her being in chats with movies yet none have taken flight.Earlier, we had disclosed to you how Amrita had issues with Sara holding hands with KJo. Reason? Same as Saif’s!
We only let you know, “Amrita doesn’t need Sara to be Karan Johar’s next disclosure is on account of she fears Sara will be lost in the midst of the many star kids Karan has propelled in Bollywood by a long shot including his top choice, Alia Bhatt.
Yes! Turns out Amrita needs Sara to emerge and be her very own star than be an expansion to the association of well known star kids who are now governing the business,” our source had let us know. We ponder what Sara needs to state in the midst of this? Is it true that she is intrigued to collaborate with Karan or does she need to pass by her folks’ desire?