Bollywood performer Saif Ali Khan has said he may change his new born child Taimur’s name once he is a year old, regardless of spouse Kareena’s resistance to the idea.Taimur Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Saif’s child, is likely the most discussed star-kid in Bollywood today.
He has been in the news appropriate from his introduction to the world on December 20 a year ago — despite the fact that for questionable reasons. Soon after Saif announced his son’s birth, a raging debate broke out on Twitter over the name bestowed upon him by his parents.
Many trusted Saif shouldn’t have named his child after Taimur Lung, the Turkish ruler who attacked India.Asked in the event that he has now dealt with the contention encompassing his child’s name, Saif told The Times of India: “I haven’t told anyone about this — I thought for a second about changing his name.
For two or three weeks. What’s more, Kareena was a little against it, and she said, ‘People respect you for your opinion and you can’t’… So I said, yeah, but it’s not about people. I don’t need him to get unpopular.””And despite everything I may, possibly when he’s maybe a couple, I may change his name in a while, it’s as yet soaking in, what to do. Somebody in my PR concurred with me, and we drafted a little letter.
What’s more, when I read it, it was pathetic to the point, that I scratched off the thought. Because it was really like, uhh, ‘I’m sorry’, and ‘I didn’t want to offend’ and ‘I’m an idiot’ (laughs), and you know, I’ve given in to pressure. It just sounded awful. However you write it, it just wasn’t sounding right. It was like I didn’t realise where I live or what I’m doing. So I did think about it.
I thought about it, but it was for the wrong reason. If I feel that he’s going to get in trouble in school, I might still change it. It’s a bit late now, though. Or not. I don’t know,” Saif included.