Sasikala paid 50 rupees for every day at Parappana Jail in Karnataka. Multi millionaire turned as every day worker at Jail. That is the destiny of Saikala today. She envisioned to end up distinctly Chief Minister of Tamilnadu that was near achieve however her deeds arrive her in Jail for a long time.
Misuse resource case transformed her cravings into vain. Supreme Court granted Sasikala 4 years imprison term and banned her challenging in decisions for an additional 10 years that was a noteworthy misfortune to her political profession.
It would appear that end of her political career.Meanwhile she is attempting to move from Parappana Jail in Karnataka to Tamilnadu. She guarantees that there is life risk to her on the off chance that she is at Karnakata imprison.
Yet, the truth of the matter is Sasikala moves to Tamilnadu there is more extension to her being dealt with much better than Karnakata. Improvement in treatment as well as simple to offer directions to gathering key individuals that could be the system behind the interest.
Presently the more consideration is the thing that she is doing at prison. How she is being dealt with and given great and all facilities. Sasiskala is dealt with like some other standard sentenced individual. She is given Khaidi No. 9235. No A/C and No TV. She needs to impart her cell to different prisoners.
Constrained sustenance of rice and Sambar is served. What sort of work she needs to do is another question. The multi tycoon needs to make candles no less than 100 as an objective. When she is release from Jail, she could win around Rs.73,000/ – . Yet, we don’t know same flame making employment will proceed or work pivot would occur as a major aspect of prison life.