So here’s yet another energizing new redesign on Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo from Salman Khan’s Tubelight. While we as of now conveyed to you an on-set picture of Shah Rukh brandishing a tattoo all over. Our source EXCLUSIVELY uncovers to us the purpose for this tattoo. Turns out Shah Rukh will play a mystical performer in this Kabir Khan film. Yes, from the little that we know, SRK experienced a look test yesterday before he starts shooting for his bit in the following few days. Presently we dunno how Shah Rukh’s part as a conjurer will acquire a turn this story yet it certainly takes us back to our prior report when we were educated about Tubelight being a duplicate of 2015 Hollywood film Little Boy.
For all the uninitiated, Little Boy is a war dream show film where Pepper (Jakob Salvati)- the young man gets mercilessly taunted by his schoolmates in view of his little stature. The film is a quite cruel delineation of the tormenting he endures. Be that as it may, the story gets going when Pepper’s dad and boss defender (Michael Rapaport) goes off to war and after that is accounted for lost without a trace. Pepper then inspires frantic to have his dad return, and the nearby minister urges him to trust that in the event that he has enough confidence, he may have the ability to adjust the course of the war; inevitably prompting to Pepper’s unimaginable mission to discover his dad despite seemingly insurmountable opposition and fears.
So all things considered, there could be a plausibility that Shah Rukh’s part will be like that of the neighborhood minister from Little Boy. Like you never know right? SRK could be the otherworldly constrain behind Salman battling all the chances to locate his missing sibling played by Sohail Khan. Obviously, this is recently our presumption. Be that as it may, all said and done, we’re so eager to see Shah Rukh as the conjurer in Tubelight.
Just on the off chance that you were thinking about whether this is the first run through Shah Rukh will be seen playing an entertainer then well, to get your truths right, SRK had professed to be a performer in his 1992 film Chamatkar co-featuring Naseeruddin Shah.