Performer Sonia Aggarwal who has acted in a few Telugu films like Nee Premakai, Dham and Temper, is on the marking binge. As of late she has been restricted to assume the lead part in Evanavan, in which she will be seen playing capable cop and wear in Khakhi symbol and now she has been drawn nearer to assume the lead part in up and coming lady driven bilingual Tamil-Malayalam awfulness thriller dramatization ‘Agalya’, under the bearing of Shijinlal.

As indicated by the producers, it is no-nonsense startle fest at stake of Hollywood thrillers which will have genuine alarming scenes and the movie won’t have any male lead.
A top performing artist will make his screen nearness in the part of cameo and later the movie will be named in different dialects like Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. It is heard that Hollywood professionals have been conveyed on the board to deal with the VFX work and editing.