Trisha the ever slim and smooth excellence even in her 30 is always a most loved of gossipmongers .She has been before connected with married on-screen character Vijay during their film shoot “Gilli”, and after that the discussions subsided.

At that point she was connected with Rana of “Baahubali” and Rana were appeared to be transparently being a tease for Trisha.In a award function, he straightforwardly created an impression advising the reason to come to Chennai is a result of Trisha, and Trisha was becoming flushed in the group in view of this open explanation.
Unfortunately, this relation with Rana finished unexpectedly. Presently Trisha appeared to date with new boyfriend. Sources affirm that Trisha is involved with a Young cinematographer who is not even 10 movis old. He is the most needed and praised cinematographer in Tamil Film industry.
The Cinematographer is reported for as one the best friend of Arulnithi. Arulnithi of Demonte colony acclaim has a close friendship with the youthful cinematographer. The cinematographer has been a piece of the considerable number of films that Arulnithi has done till date.Arulnithi next movie talks are going on and a similar friend cum youthful cinematographer is ropeed in the up and coming movie as well.
Touch wood, at least this relationship with Trisha gets married.