It is without a doubt an exceptionally uncommon wonder that a legend resigns from movies, enters politics and after that returns to the celluloid following a 9 year long break just to deliver an exciting blockbuster with his return film. Be that as it may, then Chiranjeevi is no ordinary film star. He is himself a phenomenon.To still be worshipped by his fans regardless of not showing up before them for quite a while is conceivable just for Chiranjeevi.
What makes the man tick? One can write volumes on this but we make a small attempt at bringing before you some of the aspects of the man, the film star and the phenomenon.The man’s dedication is the first thing that strikes a die-hard fan or a casual observer.
 There is one story that is certain to inspire even his most exceedingly awful commentators. When shooting for the most well known song of his profession “Abba Nee Theeyani Thebba” with Sridevi for the film “Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari” the Mega Star was really suffering from a high 104 degree fever. Amid the shoot he even blacked out with shortcoming.
He however finished the melody and the crowd who see the tune on the screen don’t get even as much as the scarcest insight of his fever. Another comparable story is about the song “Kodithe Kottalira Six Kottali” from the film “Tagore” which was another blockbuster. At the point when this song was shot with Lawrence being the choreographer the Mega Star supposedly had exceptionally extreme back pain however never told anyone at the shooting spot of his situation. He finished the shooting in spite of his backpain.
Right up ’til today he shows a similar dedication to his profession.On the individual front he gives awesome significance to his wellness. The Mega Star apparently gets up each morning between 4.30 am and 5.00 am each morning. He then continues to practice to stay in fit. Despite having been operated upon one shoulder he maintains a good exercise regimen. With that kind of a dedication it is hardly surprising that the man has won a permanent place in the hearts of his fans.