In the wake of being requested by the Supreme Court to surrender instantly, AIADMK chief Sasikala on Wednesday chose to comply with the apex court’s request.
In any case, it was her abnormal conduct at the commemoration recently TN CM and her guide Jayalalithaa that astonished many.On her way from Chennai to Bengaluru to surrender, Sasikala ceased at the dedication of Jayalalithaa that was arranged at the Marina Beach and appeared like she took a kind of forceful promise.
Notwithstanding, her motion of hitting the holy place of Jaya hard has been deciphered by people in various ways. SSasikala looked very angry when she hit the tomb of Jaya and she said something which went inaudible amidst the chants and slogans of her supporters.Before choosing to surrender, Sasikala has made her nephew, Dinakaran the gathering’s Deputy general secretary, which implies he will be the No.2 in AIADMK.
It might be reviewed that he was removed by Jayalalithaa in 2011 alongside other relatives of Sasikala.She supported her demonstration by saying that Dinakaran has apologized to her face to face yet her demonstration has not run well with the followers of Amma. A few frameworks of AIADMK have apparently opined that Sasikala sold out Jayalalithaa.